Each Facial is Customized to your Individual needs. Using IMAGE Products from Germany, each Rejuvenation Treatment will be tailored with TLC.

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Micro Needling

Re-Firm Skin Tightening

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening Procedure

Tighten and Firm your skin

At Urban Touch We are proud to offer Elos™, the first and only technology that uses combination energies to effectively and gently tighten your skin. The ReFirme™ procedure combines safe, effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating collagen growth. ReFirme™ can improve skin laxity and sagginess of the face, neck and some areas such as the abdomen and arms

Ultrasonic Glow w/Peel


Nano Infusion



Face or Neck


Microneedle Face & Neck


Express Facial


Classic Glow Facial


Customized Peel


Ultrasonic Glow



Elos Technology

Includes take home product

Face $200

Neck&Jaw $150

Eye&Lip $150

Full Face&Neck $300

Declotte $200

Hands $75

Breasts $300

Upper Arms $250

Abdomen $300

Knees $250

Add Matrix IR to erase any deeper lines – $ 50 per zone


Skin rejuvination

Full Face / $ 200

Partial Face (Upper or Lower)/ $150

Neck / $150

Full Face & Neck / $ 300

Chest (from collar bone to upper breasts) / $ 200

Chest & Neck / $300

Hands / $90

Full Arms / $175

Spot Treatment: Minimum $50

Matrix IR

Sublative rejuvination

Includes take home product

Full Face / $ 200

Full Neck & Jawline OR Eye & Lip Area/ $150

Full Face & Neck / $ 300

Declotte (from collar bone to upper breasts) / $ 200

Hands / $75

Breasts / $300

Upper Arms / $250

Abdomen / $ 300

Knees / $250

Add ReFirme ST to erase any deeper lines – $ 50 per zone

Treatment zones include static lines on forehead, nasal labial folds and around mouth, neck and areas of noticeable scarring

Triniti Facial

Includes all three

Trinity Treatment includes full face with each technology – $540

Trinity Series (3 treatments) – $ 1,377

What Should I expect with the Peel/Microneedling?

Prior to treatment a topical numbing cream will be applied.

The treatment generally takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the treatment area.

After your treatment you will leave on the serums applied by the technician for no less than 3 hours. Clients generally avoid activities post-treament. Your skin may be sensitive and red, similar to a moderate sunburn, for 12-24 hours.

It is important to stay well hydrated after treatments and carefully follow a skin regimen recommended by your technician.

How many treatments are needed?
This will depend on the degree of the problem and the clients expectations (number of treatments usually range from 3 to 6). Sessions are often spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

What changes can be realistically expected with Collagen Induction Therapy?
Collagen Induction Therapy will usually make the skin smoother, fresher and improve fine lines around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. and Neck Collagen Induction Therapy will usually cause significant improvement in stretch marks and acne scars.

Skin texture and brown marks will also improve in most cases. 

Collagen remodeling in normal skin takes at least 90 days, so the effects of this treatment may not be fully appreciated for at least three months after the treatment. But the effects last for years in most people. The new collagen produced by CIT lasts for a long time, unless the skin is further damaged by sun exposure, smoking, or other external factors. As the skin ages, some of the new collagen will also age. The duration of results vary from person to person but should last for years.

What Should I expect with Elos Re-Firm? 

Infrared IPL skin tightening ReFirme ST uses infrared light to heat the deep layers of the skin to induce collagen repair and tightening, while protecting the epidermis during treatment by direct contact cooling. Skin is smoothed and tightened in no down time! Age gracefully without going under the knife!



A consultation is required, call 960-9890.

As Seen on the Rachael Ray show and the makeover segment on the Dr. Phil Show!

See www.syneron.com for more information about the procedure.

ReFirme ST can improve skin laxity and sagginess of the face and neck. Skin texture can also be smoothed out by the tightening and firming effect of treatment. This treatment is performed non-ablatively, which means this is a non-invasive procedure. Most people leave the treatment office with only slight pinkness or no pinkness at all. Patients can return to work immediately.

How Many Treatments are Required?

Most patients will have between 3-5 treatments. Sessions are 2-4 weeks apart. Each treatment session typically takes 45 minutes.

Does Treatment Hurt?

No. The ReFirme ST procedure is well tolerated by most patients without any topical anesthetic or other means of analgesia. The treatment tip is chilled so it provides contact cooling to the skin surface for added comfort.

Who Should be Treated with ReFirme ST?

All skin colors can be treated with the ST for laxity, sagginess, loss of elasticity, or textural irregularities. Treatment can be done on the face or neck. Individual patient candidacy should be discussed with your ELOS clinician.

Are There any Risks to Treatment?

Any medical esthetic procedure has a risk of side effects, such as superficial blistering, crusting and pigmentary changes in the skin. These risks are rare and usually quickly resolved.

Skin Rejuvenation

Pigmented: Freckles, Sun Spots, Uneven Skin Tone

Vascular: Rosacea, Spider Veins and A ge spots, Red/Pink Spots


The eMAX skin rejuvenation system utilizes a unique combination of electrical energy, light and cooling to treat vascular lesions (facial telangiectasia’s, rosacea and more) and superficial pigmented lesions (age spots, solar lentigo and others) safely, quickly and effectively. It is typically used on the face, neck and chest but is safe and effective in any area that has unwanted pigment. You can expect your skin to be smoother, clearer, even-toned and healthier-looking!

How does eMAX SRA work?

Combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies, combined with cooling precisely & Safely removes a wide variety of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and skin texture irregularities, without damaging surrounding tissue or skin.

What does it feel like?

Each pulse, which lasts less than one second, produces a slight tingling feeling. In particularly sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, it may feel like a quick, light pinch. Some individuals who are extremely sensitive may want to purchase an over the counter numbing gel ( emla works well )

Is it suitable for everyone?

Each treatment will be customized to exactly match your skin type and treatment goal. eMAX SRA can be effective on all types of skin and on a wide variety of lesions and skin irregularities. You should have not tanned within a minimum of a week.

What about side effects?

Most people experience no side effects at all but, some may exhibit some short-term local reddening of the surrounding skin. This will dissipate within 24-48 hours. Avoid direct sunlight for 24-48 hours, and protect skin with an SPF 30 thereafter for best results.

How many treatments will I need?

Results can be achieved in a single session for some skin irregularities, for others 3-5 treaments may be required. A 3 week follow-up will ensure the best course of action to reach your skin goals.

Triniti Facial
3 Facial Treatments in 1 Session: ReFirme ST, Skin Rejuvenation, Matrix IR

Improve skin color, Texture and wrinkles on your face without surgery. The Triniti skin series combines three od today’s most effective technologies for color correction, fine wrinkle treatment to achieve total faci al renewal with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Save time and get beautiful results with just 3 treatments in 1 session. Each triniti treatment session includes:

  • Color Correction – Treat spider veins, age spots, uneven skin tone and sundamaged skin. Improve skin clarity, texture and wrinkles on your face without surgery

  • ReFirme® treatment – Target the telltale signs of aging, around the jowl and neck, under the eyes, brow lines, and nasolabial folds.

  • Matrix IR™ fractional wrinkle treatment resolves wrinkles and skin texture becomes smoother.

How does it work?

The 3 treatment technologies of the triniti skin series feature combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies which precisely heat tissue within the targeted treatment area to stimulate improvement within the skin.

How many office visits are required?

Triniti saves time compared to other treatment programs. Typically three to five sessions spaced three to four weeks apart are performed. One touch-up session may be needed every six months.

Does it hurt?

Most patients easily undergo the procedure. In addition, topical anesthetic cream and external cooling can be used to increase your comfort level. Most patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

When can I expect to see results?

Most people see a gradual and continual improvement over the course of their treatments. During your initial consultation, your laser technologist will personalize your treatment schedule for maximum results.

Maximum Results will Require 3 treatments at 3 weeks apart for best results.

Each Treatment includes 1 week Morning and Evening Take Home Product